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Terms Of Services

Please read below the terms and agreements to which you will have to oblige to access and use our services and exchanges.


Terms of Use

You agree and confirm that you are at least 18 years old or eligible enough as per the regulations in your country of residence to sign a legally binding contract or to conduct any internet related activity.

Using the exchange services of ECXCHANGER.COM powered by Global Money Exchange Ltd. Canada.Your agreement to accept ALL TERMS AND CONDITIONS set by this and any other rules set by Electronic Money Exchange Ltd.


Terms of Service

ECXCHANGER.COM reserves the right to reject any exchange request if we found any fraudulent activity.

All exchanges are subject to payment processor approval.

You must use a valid E-mail address when signing up for your Exchange account.

Members must be honest with the information that they provide to us during registration. This information is not only used by us to contact you in case of an issue with your order but it is also used by the payment processor to ensure a smooth transaction.

ECXCHANGER.COM will not be liable for loss of funds due to an incorrect destination account being entered by the member at the time of the exchange.

All members are solely liable for the accurateness of the information provided when initiating an exchange.

Any member found to be in violation of all or part of these Terms of Service is subject to having their account suspended indefinitely.

ECXCHANGER.COM gives the customer the ability to exchange E-Currency. ECXCHANGER.COM operates independently of any e-currency or payment provider featured on this site. The fees of ECXCHANGER.COM charge for its services are available in a link on the main page. ECXCHANGER.COM reserves the right to edit fees and charges any time. ECXCHANGER.COM reserves the right to delay the transaction for any reason. The company will protect its customers’ privacy and will only disclose any customer information if it is ceased by the government authorities or requested by court under the subpoena. ECXCHANGER.COM may choose to contact its customers at any time while processing and verifying the order information. Additional contact details, apart from those provided in the order form (including a copy of the photo ID), may be required. ECXCHANGER.COM does not accept third-party payments. The person sending funds must be the owner or have access to the chosen e-currency account in which the funds are being spent to.


Restrictions of Service

Customers are restricted not to use ECXCHANGER.COM services for any unlawful purposes. ECXCHANGER.COM reserves the right without explanation, to reject orders that are suspected of illegal activity and to report this activity to the authorities.


Customers responsibility

Customer is responsible for all information properly input on to ECXCHANGER.COM when He/She place any Order. ECXCHANGER.COM requests the customers to double check the included e-currency account and name that the transactions can be made to the appropriate account. If the name is not provided, an attempt may be made to contact the customer.

Descriptions of, or references to, products, services, or publications within ECXCHANGER.COM web server does not imply endorsement of that product, service, or publication. Changes may be periodically made to the information herein.

You(customer) agree that service fee becomes non-refundable.

ECXCHANGER.COM.com is an independently owned and operated business from. ECXCHANGER.COM does not have access to the password database of payment systems. We cannot retrieve/reset passwords. ECXCHANGER.COM is not responsible for the actions of any payment system it works with or any of its affiliates, competitors, or governmental agencies.



The information contained in or accessed via the ECXCHANGER.COM website is provided ‘ as is’ without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or non-infringement. Moreover, no warranty is made that operation of ECXCHANGER.COM site will be error free or uninterrupted.

ECXCHANGER.COM.com is in business of exchanging e-currencies and associated services. ECXCHANGER.COM is not a bank, depository, investment firm, securities firm, mutual fund, stock, bond or other publicly owned/operated entity.

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